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"The Biggest and the Best" is our motto at Coulson Flying Tankers. The sheer size of the Martin Mars aircraft alone, never mind the incredible amount of water it drops, has determined that we have a very rare and unique commodity available to offer in the business of aerial fire suppression.
What Can We Provide?

* The world's largest scooping waterbomber with a 60,000 lb. payload (7,200 US gallons)
* 45+ years of experience in aerial fire suppression
* The world's best initial attack machine
* Sustained operations for up to 6 hours per sortie
* A system which also complements the use of long-term retardant
* A self-contained mobile unit
* Contractual or casual call-out services
* A safety record of 45+ accident-free years
* Sea or fresh water capability
* Two styles of drop systems - bottom or side
* Uses to drop gel, foam or water

How Do We Do It?

* Highly experienced flight and maintenance crews
* Low maintenance requirements during operations
* Low mission aborts
* Comprehensive logistics systems to support the operation
* Excellent turnaround times based on historical data
* Bottom drop system - 22 water doors
* Side drop system - 4 water doors

What Can We Do For You?
Wherever there is water - there is a way .Our proven record of efficiency and effectiveness over the years cannot be ignored! This service, restricted to our owners in previous years, is now available to any company or agency in need of aerial fire suppression.
Whether your problem is in the timberlands of British Columbia, the brush of Australia, the rainforests of Southeast Asia or the dreaded urban/rural interface fires anywhere, Coulson Flying Tankers is ready, willing and able to respond to your needs. In the case of interface fires our experience has clearly indicated the outstanding results of dropping massive amounts of foam in a short period of time to save buildings, homes, improvements and possibly human life.
For more information regarding what we can do for you, please use the contact form or call or fax:

Coulson Aircrane Ltd.

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